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Symphony of Chiptunes in C-Compiler

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by paul_hayes, inspired by viznut

Mostly composed by viznut, Visy and Tejeez, these videos are audio-output examples of executable C-language code. Written as very short programs that produce interesting tones when compiled, viznut calls them One-line Algorithmic Music.

"I chose to replicate the essentials of my earlier 8-bit experiments:
a wave generator whose pitch is controlled by a function consisting
of shifts and logical operators... A simple for(;;)putchar(t++) generates
a sawtooth wave... The pitch can be changed with multiplication...
After a couple of trials, I came up with something that I wanted
to share on an IRC channel."

"People have been building musical circuits that operate on 
digital logic, creating short pieces of software that output music,
experimenting with chaotic audiovisual programs and trying out
various algorithms for musical composition. Mathematical theory
of music has a history of over two millennia... I find it quite
mind-boggling that I have never before encountered
anything similar to our discoveries."

Read about how and why viznut did this on his blog and generate some sound of your own.
Related to viznut’s blog, Kyle McDonald generated monochrome bitmaps of these songs, and paul hayes has made his own 8-bit Generative Composer that reads said bitmaps.

Hopefully this will prove more popular than Google Translate’s German-to-German beatbox.