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Chiptunes = WIN (the Expansion Pack)

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\m|♥ Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2. ♥|m/

Tune in tonight for the sequel to Chiptunes = WIN:  \m|♥ Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2. ♥|m/

8 Bit Power Hour + Nerd Rock Radio & Chiptunes = WIN bring you 51 brand new tracks to tantalize your audio-receptors and please your bit-loving lobes good.

At 8pm EST, tune into the 8bitX.com stream, log into the 8butX.com chat, keep up with the 8bitX.com blog, and get that More Chiptunes = More WIN.

Check out the ChipWIN Bandcamp to get the full track listings and join their Facebook page or follow their Twitter, Thanks to 8 Bit Power HourNerd Rock Radio, and 8bitX.

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