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World’s Heaviest Metal Band

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Stand aside meatbags, now that Australia has met the worlds “heaviest” “metal” band, the world of music will never be the same. This shot taken at The Big Day Out in Adelaide this Janrary shows Stickboy, Fingers, and Bones — altogether known as Compressorhead — illustrating that oil is indeed thicker than blood.

The origins of this Robot Invasion began in 2007 in Berlin, Germany. Stickboy was designed to be like Danny Carey with a Pearl 14-piece drumkit… if Danny Carey had 4 arms and a metal mohawk. Stickboy Jr., conceived in 2007 as the bastard of an unknown mother, controls the hi-hat shuffle. Fingers is the Robert Trujillo of the group — 78 digits on the fret board. The youngest member of the group, Bones (created just last year), is the highest precision bass player in known existence.

Check out these links for more photos of The Big Day Out, the schedule of the band, or more of Frank Barnes’ electrical circus.

Check out Compressorhead’s take of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades…

…or how close they are to the Ramones’ with Blitzkrieg Bop…

…and of course it wouldn’t be a true metal cover band if we didn’t close out with some Pantera.

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