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Endless Fantasy: The Journey Begins!

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Time to Game Jam!

What awaits the Four, they do not know.

Each holding a variant-colored shirt, that 24 hours ago were printed by Bryan Lee O’Malley & Maré Odomo. And now, a Game Jam.

Come!! Start the journey! Bring the light of Endless Fantasy into our world.

Programmed by dream.hax.

Congrats from the Falsebit team to Pete, Ary, James, and Luke for successfully crowd-funding their Kickstarter (and beyond). We are so EXCITE to see what comes out of the GAME JAM and collaborations!


  1. [...] a break from their Endless Fantasy tour, Ary, James, Luke, and Pete hit Williamsburg this past Thursday in Absolut’s Open Canvas [...]

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