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Who can beat the King of Koopas?

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Thanks DA!

Who was the greatest hero on the NES? Do you think Samus Aran could have stopped Dr.Wily? Could Ryu Hayabusa have survived if he followed his father to Castlevania? What could happen if Mario brought a gun to the Mushroom Kingdom?

Exploding Rabbit answers that last question so we don’t have to. You can now play through classic Super Mario Bros. worlds with some of the most well-known heroes on the NES: Samus Aran (Metroid), Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer (Contra), Mega Man (Mega Man – duh), and now Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden). And yes, Bill brings his Spread Gun.

Exploding Rabbit has a preview how great the game will be. Thanks to Dueling Analogs for creating the cover art.