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No, but I look like one on the Internet

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Mom said your face would freeze that way

Tired with your webcam face? Wish you resembled Brad Pitt or Marylin Monroe? Ever wanted to turn your trollface on in real-time?

A project posted by Arturo Castro and bakur111, simply titled “realtime face substitution”, may allow you to do just that. It’s still not perfect, some discoloring pops up because the faces are being blended together and some aspects (like a 5 o’clock shadow or long bangs) become mapped-on tattoos, but hey — it’s the future you and it’s… frightening?
Kinda looks like Mel Gibson.

“It doesn’t leave any interpolation up to your imagination.
It’s possible to push this style further, so it’s less of a blend and more of a replacement…”

Check out Arturo Castro’s side of the project on his Vimeo page and imagine the possibilities.