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The Commodore 64 is STILL keeping up with you

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A computer for Work or for Play

A computer icon in the 80s, Commodore USA, LLC, the company licensing the Commodore trademark today, is releasing a new system this May.

The outer taupe casing resembles C64s from the past, but the inside will contain a very much modern 64-bit dual-core Intel Atom processor, Nvidia on-board graphics, harddrive, WiFi, and an optional DVD or Blu-ray player. The NY Times quotes Commodore USA President Bary Altman as seeing two types of customers for the new machine:

"There are a lot of really young computer users who want to own a retro-looking computer.
And of course there are those 30- to 40-year-olds who owned the original Commodore 64
and want the nostalgia of their first machine."

Though the system is bundled with and will run original C64 software, there is no actual C64 hardware. Everything will be software emulated, though Commodore USA is developing their own Linux-based Operating System. All while being competitively priced. Just like in the 80s.

From the desk of the NY Times, the BBC, and even Australia.