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Goodnight BlipFest Tokyo 2011

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Koenji High rocked out last weekend to the beats and bleeps from artists around the world. With  Anamanaguchi, Bit Shifter, Nullsleep, Nontendo, Virt and No Carrier representing the USA, Cheapshot from the UK, JDDJ3J of France, the Netherlands-based C-Men, Sweeden’s nordloef and Role Model, cTrix from the land down under, and local talents Hizmi, Kplecraft, Manabn, Omodaka, SEXY-SYNTHESIZER, Xinon, and M7Kenji, Tokyo BlipFest was a three-day long who’s-who of chiptune artists and retro equipment from portable GameBoys to a towering X68k.


Check out the entire Tokyo Blipfest playlist on YouTube, including acts from the previous year:

And don’t forget to check out Australia BlipFest on Feb 17 & 18; it coming you from Melborne in 2012!

Nullsleep sets up