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Nintendo DS-SLR Camera!

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Beats the old GameBoy camera

If you have ever carried around a professional DSLR camera, you know that is large, heavy, and expensive; and if you want to upload those photos, you have to take out a laptop that is most likely just as large, heavy, expensive, and has to boot up. Photographer Steve Chapman’s back had enough, so his brain came up with this amazing idea: Why not use the Nintendo DS he carried along?

It was small, light, cheap, and boots up instantly. The DS also had WiFi and used the well-known ARM9 processor.


That’s when Steve threaded a cable connecting the DS cartridge slot to his Canon 5D and began creating software between devkitPro and Canon’s SDK. The result is, while you cannot control the camera’s aperture (which he states you wouldn’t need to if you only take High Dynamic Range images), Steve has added features like an intervalometer to take multiple photos over a period of time and an audio trigger that allows you to take photos with your voice! A bargain considering the added hardware to do all this costs much more than the DS.

See what else Steve has cooking in his blog.