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Chiptunes & Soap Operas: Kimagure Romantic meets YMCK

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Game Start!

Japanese chiptune group YMCK helps turn the latest single of J-pop group Ikimono-gakari into an retro-style AMV. “Kimagure Romantic” is better known to the locals as the ending theme to Japanese drama “Celeb and Poor Taro” (Serebu to Binbotarō).

YMCK, based on the Yellow-Magenta-Cyan-blacK color model, is a three-person group consisting of singer Midori, arranger Yokemura and video-editor Nakamura. Ikimono-gakari (いきものがかり) was originally classified as a lounge rock group, but began to shift to a more mainstream pop sound. Like YMCK, it’s a two-man band behind a female vocalist.


The original video is down, but you can learn more from Ikimono-gakari from ikimonogakari.com — and don’t forget YMCK’s own website! (And if you were curious about dramas, “Celeb and Poor Taro” has its own wiki entry.)