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A Low-Res Semi-documentary about a Wikileaks Informant

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An Adam Butcher film

Commissioned by UK-based Animate Projects, Adam Butcher has created a melancholy tale sequencing the thoughts of Bradley Manning during his involvement with Wikileaks using minimalist pixel-art based on rotoscoped live-action footage.

For those who don’t know, Bradley Manning was the US Army whistle-blower who leaked restricted material to Wikileaks. The dialog in the video is taken directly from the published IM logs brought forth by Wired magazine in 2010 when Manning was arrested. Manning is currently undergoing his hearing.

In a stark contrast to the pop-culture pixel-art we usually see, Butcher’s serious style is quite somber. Unhindered by dramatic lighting or jarring cameras, the short film focuses intimately on Manning’s reclusive persona rather than his role in the larger-than-life Wikileaks scandal.

See the film online from Adam Butcher’s website.
Read the IM logs published by Wired for yourself.
Find out more at Bradley Manning’s Wiki entry or the BBC News coverage.
Watch more short films at Animated Projects.