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Sweden: Gaming Gateway to Gambling

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In their defense, pumping quarters, clicking icons, and pulling joysticks is kind of similar.

In the eyes of the law, these are slot machines. There is no difference.
– Johan Röhr, Swedish Gambling Board

The Swedish Gambling Board has officially crashed the LAN Party, as reported by Swedish online magazine Fria Tider (Free Times). In a ruling made by the country’s Gambling Board, organized gamers will pay up to $5,000 for a permit to connect PCs and game consoles en masse.

Sweden is host to several well-known gaming events, including the world’s largest computer and gaming festival, DreamHack. While they will all be impacted by such a decision, this could also be seen as an opportunity for gamers to spend their time at Norway’s The Gathering, the world’s second-largest computer event.


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