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Leap Motion Controllers Hit the Market

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Look ma, all hands!

The Power Glove. Minority Report. The Kinect. And now, the Leap Motion.

For only $79.99, Leap Motion promises the world’s most accurate 3-D motion controls. Their sensor uses a combination of cameras and infrared to create an invisible “box” you can stick your hands into. Utilizing apps from their Airspace Store, the Leap Motion can recognize all ten fingers, even differentiating which ones are your thumbs, as you control your PC with hand and finger gestures. It still has trouble with vertical space (like shaken fists and overlaid hands) and can’t track inorganic objects, but this still screams “Minority Report” HUD.

Mashable has put up a collection of reactions to people getting used to having more motion controls for their PCs:

The company announced the Leap Motion controller last May, and this week they hit stores like Best Buy. With partnerships to manufacturers to include the technology in PC models later in 2013, augmented reality is getting closer to actual reality.

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