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Dissecting the Super Gameboy – What Could Have Been

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Christina Love's Super Game Boy

Christine Love is an avid fan of games, and a game developer herself – you may know her from games like Digital: A Love Story and Analogue: A Hate Story, or via her personal blog, Love on Love, where she shares her interests, her work, and perhaps a few rants!

In one of her blog posts, she details the Super Gameboy, a peripheral made during the early Super NES era, and how few games actually tapped into its true potential. Had games possessed the necessary bits and resources, the Super Gameboy could have done amazing tasks. A handful of games used it to replace a Gameboy game’s 8-bit score with music befitting a real SNES game; some used the extra processing from the SNES to give their Gameboy sprites more complex`colors; one even activated a second, hidden, SNES-only game that was sitting right alongside the original Gameboy game-data!

I had a Super Gameboy once in my childhood, and I never knew that it was capable of any of these features!  Christine goes into detail about them in her blog post, and the rather practical reasons as to why they were really never implemented in the majority of Gameboy games … which is unfortunate, but nevertheless understandable.  Want to know more?  Feel free to read her follow-up article or any of her other blogs, .