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Team Falsebit – Mission Statement:


Team Falsebit is a diverse group of writers, photographers, and enthusiasts with a heavy interest in electronic media.  We appreciate electronic media in their many forms – chiptunes and synthesized music, digital art, interactive art, video games, and more – and we wish to bring our appreciation to the Internet.  Here, we will discuss about and document electronic media as we see them grow, and learn more about future emerging forms of electronic culture along our journeys.

We at Falsebit wish to do the following for the global Internet community:

  • To expose electronic media to those who are interested in them, and to introduce electronic media to those who may not be familiar with them.
  • To link electronic media to the technologies behind them and to show how these technologies work.
  • To display the arts inspired by these technologies and discuss the paths of evolution that they could take.
  • To showcase the many electronic media artists and enthusiasts out there and bring them to the attention of everyone.
  • To highlight the countless fans of electronic media, because they are the ones who keep it all alive!