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Wed @ 8:00 pm
Dec 2012

ARMAGEDDONWAVE! — Pulsewave December 2012

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The end of the world comes in under one week… What is a human to do, but to party out … Continue →

Peelander-Z... for the last time?
Sun @ 12:00 am
Nov 2012

Peelander-Z, Infinity Shred, Anamanaguchi, Electric Eel Shock 11-23-2012 Photos

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Photo Coverage of Peelander Red’s farewell concert tour is brought to you by pixel and Sara Bobo for Team Falsebit. … Continue →

Once you see it, you'll -- wait, what IS that?
Wed @ 8:00 pm
Nov 2012

Pulsewave NYC November!

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Pulsewave NYC on November 17th, 2012 was held at the Tada! Youth Theater at 28th Street and Broadway, Manhattan. Three … Continue →

Sat @ 5:00 am
Apr 2012

Algoorithm’s Crowded Market (from Robotropilis)

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I was introduced to Algoorithm’s music through a friend. After listening to the tracks, several tracks stand out to me. … Continue →

Fri @ 5:00 am
Apr 2012

Robotropilis by Algoorithm

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The debut album for Algoorithm, with eight unique Nanoloop dance tracks and one remix. Best heard after a long romp … Continue →

Mon @ 5:00 am
Oct 2011

Symphony of Chiptunes in C-Compiler

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Mostly composed by viznut, Visy and Tejeez, these videos are audio-output examples of executable C-language code. Written as very short … Continue →

Sat @ 5:00 am
Dec 2009

I’ll Have You Naked by the End of This ROM by Saskrotch of 8bitpeoples

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“I’ll enjoy this with my clothes on thank-you” by Zack and Dr.Foot with the Pick   (Quoted from http://www.8bitpeoples.com/discography) In … Continue →

Wed @ 5:00 am
Nov 2009

Axel F by 8bitpeoples

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  Read the intro they wrote for it! (Quoted from http://www.8bitpeoples.com/discography?page=8) It started as a joke but in the end … Continue →

Wed @ 5:00 am
Oct 2009

Chiptuned Rockman – An album by CAPCOM (really!)

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Back in 2009, CAPCOM commissioned their own chiptunes album for their Blue Bomber from leading artists around the world. This … Continue →