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Springfest NY's Dance Party!
Sat @ 12:00 am
Mar 2013

Springfest NY and Falsebit presents: Craphazzard, Kedromelon, Rhinostrich

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Stop reading and enjoy an evening of chips and blips tonight at Springfest NY’s Dance Party with CrapHazzard, Kedromelon and … Continue →

Mon @ 12:00 am
Jan 2013

“Apparently, Dillon Francis is a Thing that People Like”, or How I Accidentally Went to a Rave Full of High School Students

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It’s been over a year since the last time I got to see Anamanaguchi play; I’ve seen them a couple of … Continue →

Cat's Outta the Bag!
Wed @ 4:55 am
Jan 2013

NEW Anamanaguchi music video … with a special treat for 4channers!

Anamanaguchi has released a new music video today – January 8th – featuring their first single from their upcoming album … Continue →

Wed @ 8:00 pm
Dec 2012

ARMAGEDDONWAVE! — Pulsewave December 2012

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The end of the world comes in under one week… What is a human to do, but to party out … Continue →

Sat @ 8:00 pm
Dec 2012

Babyharvester the Opening Night – December 4th

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Babyharvester on December 4th was the official opening reception of the Babyharvester exhibition in the Clocktower Gallery: An 80′s style … Continue →

Once you see it, you'll -- wait, what IS that?
Wed @ 8:00 pm
Nov 2012

Pulsewave NYC November!

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Pulsewave NYC on November 17th, 2012 was held at the Tada! Youth Theater at 28th Street and Broadway, Manhattan. Three … Continue →

Found an awesome dude on the streets of Tokyo
Sun @ 8:30 am
Oct 2012

Post-Tokyo Blip 2012 Sunday Wind-down

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Where to go after Hip Tanaka plays BlipFest out? What to do with these amazing experiences and memories? Meet super awesome … Continue →

20121021-TokyoBlip Closing Guest
Sun @ 8:15 am
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip 2012 Sunday NOW: Special Closing with SURPRISE GUEST

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Closing ceremonies for Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday, with special guest making their way from Tokyo Blip 2010… HIP TANAKA … Continue →

20:15 (JST) Chibi-Tech / NO CARRIER
Sun @ 7:15 am
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip 2012 Sunday NOW: Chibi-Tech / NO CARRIER

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Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday: Chibi-Tech with visuals by NO CARRIER Photos courtesy of Pixel and Ugly Machine for Team Falsebit

19:40 (JST) Aliceffekt / Aliceffekt
Sun @ 6:40 am
Oct 2012

Tokyo Blip 2012 Sunday NOW: Aliceffekt / Aliceffekt

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Tokyo Blip Festival 2012 Sunday: Aliceffekt doing their thing Photos courtesy of Pixel and Ugly Machine for Team Falsebit