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Guess who's in that crowd?
Sun @ 12:00 am
Sep 2013

9/5 Sanctuary (LP) Release Party!

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Last month, they had a live performance of their first LP,  this week Infinity Shred celebrates with a release party including guests Tony Quattro, Black Dave, Yung … Continue →

The 4 year festivity from the Rabbit Hole
Fri @ 12:00 am
Sep 2013

Photos from September’s I/O

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Photos from this month’s I/O Chip Music show courtesy of Ugly Machine on behalf of Team Falsebit. A return to Brooklyn’s RabbitHole for … Continue →

Next one's the big 4-0!
Sat @ 12:00 am
Sep 2013

8static Festival tickets @ 8static 39

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Tonight at 8static 39, tickets for the upcoming three-day 8static Festival go on sale at the show for the introductory price of … Continue →

LPR and Boom Collective: iamamiwhoami w/ Ital
Mon @ 12:00 am
Sep 2013

Photos from iamamiwhoami’s US debut

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This week the Brooklyn Masonic Temple hosted Brooklyn electronic DJ Ital and Swedish YouTube sensation iamamiwhoami. Ital chops and skews … Continue →